Entrainement domicile

In-home personal training

This is all about you!  We bring all our equipment & expertise to you, where-ever you wish to train.


Corporate wellness

Executive health is good for business! We can provide onsite personal or group fitness training as well as other health-oriented initiatives.


Maladies Chroniques

Chronic disease management

We help prevent and manage chronic diseases such as arthritis, hypertension, and diabetes through lifestyle behavior change.


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For 2 years now, I have been training regularly with Marc at Kin-Expert. I am very satisfied with the quality of services and professional attention delivered. Marc is very focused to ensure each client gets the most appropriate benefit from his sessions.

"I had completely given up on running after suffering from a hip injury for over a year, until a friend recommended meeting with Marc Ciminelli (kinesiologist) at Kin-Expert Inc.

"Marc has played an integral role in my weight loss success. His encouragement and expertise have allowed me to train harder and more efficiently than ever before."

I met Marc Ciminelli 2 years ago at Clinique Eureka as I was referred by my doctor Daniel Gagnon due to my anaemia and over-training. I cycled and ran myself into exhaustion. Marc started a program for me where he first tested my strengths and weaknesses.

Marc has a professional and methodical approach with a great deal of experience. He gave me simple advice (but effective) which I was able to apply to my nutrition and physical activity lifesyle habits. Marc was also able to adapt the sessions to my specific needs.

Our Partners

Clinique Eureka

Clinique Eureka

Medical clinic

6300 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Montreal, Qc, H2S 3C4

Eureka offers a wide range of medical services.

Daniel Gagnon

Daniel Gagnon

Family medicine

Completed his medical studies at the University of Montreal, after obtaining a master's degree in sociology at the University Laval.

Reversa Clinic

Metabolic disorders

Our medical clinic is concerned with metabolic disorders, including overweight and diabetes.

Physio En Route


Physio en Route provides home care physiotherapy evaluations and treatments in Montreal.

Can't get to a clinic? We bring the clinic to you !!!

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