Corporare Wellness Programs

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Corporare Wellness Programs

Team members who are lacking energy, have low fitness and are in poor health have a real impact on your overall business success.  Not only are they more likely to injure themselves, they are also more likely to be stressed out, need extended sick leave and be overall less efficient than your other team members.  

Having fit and healthy workers means up to 40% less sick days and up to 60% more productivity.  It makes having a culture of health & wellness more than just a nice thing to do, it makes it essential.

The benefits of having a well-planned and successfully implemented wellness strategy are:

  • reducing workplace injuries
  • decreasing absenteeism
  • increasing staff job satisfaction
  • increasing team morale
  • aiding rehabilitation / avoiding workplace injury
  • increase in inspiration and overall creativity
  • improved team culture

Through our professional programs we can provide a health & fitness solution for every member of your staff.

Schedule your initial needs assessment appointment to discuss possible initiatives such as:

  • One on one personal training
  • Group fitness program
  • Health fairs
  • Health screenings
  • Educational seminars
  • On site massage offerings